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Varieties of Patio Stones to Create Your Dream Landscape

Our rugged patio stones have been used by builders and homeowners across Southwestern Ontario for more than 4 decades. Our customers have been using them to set the foundations for stylish outdoor spaces and functional surfaces.

Grand River Stone offers the most extensive variety of patio stones in Southwestern Ontario. If you’re designing a new landscape or remodeling your dated design, begin with the hardscapes. Then incorporate flora and fauna that frame their beauty. Flagstone , armour stone, concrete pavers and walls and other natural materials will accentuate your landscape design and last forever.

Patio Stones Hamilton

Grand River Natural Stone offers a range of pation stones and natural landscaping supplies for patios, driveways, pathways and the poolside to suit diverse tastes and budgets. Whether you need landscaping supplies like patio stones for a large estate, cottage, condominium or commercial property, we have many varieties of natural patio stones  to match your design requirements. Builders, landscapers and homeowners across Southwestern Ontario rely on us for excellent quality and unbeatable prices.

Shop where the professionals shop! We not only provide many options and personalized attention but we also help you find the best products and value for your money. Plus we deliver products to your door step to speed up installation of your pool, pathway or patio.

Request a quote for patio stones or paver stones. Or visit one of our 4 locations to view our landscape products and be inspired by our stunning displays.

Make a Bold Impression with Spectacular Landscape Rock

Patio stones make a bold statement and can become the stunning focal point of your outdoor space. Whether you want to make a solid impression at the entrance or create a fabulous rock garden in your backyard, we can help realize your vision.

Grand River Natural Stone has one of the best selections of landscape rock and patio stones in Ontario. From greys and browns to reds, greens and whites you’ll be amazed at our wide palette. Marble, mica, lava, granite, limestone, and more choices to please the most discerning tastes!

Talk to us about your landscaping ideas and we’ll show you the finest patio stones and the most extensive selection of landscape rock. Installation will be a breeze and the results breathtaking.

Drop in at any of our locations and see the unique patio stones, paving stones and landscape rock we offer.

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