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You Can Now Get Your Brampton Brick at Grand River Stone!

Grand River Natural Stone is pleased to announce that we are now official Brampton Brick distributors. Grand River Natural Stone and Brampton Brick have a long history and we couldn’t be happier to announce this new chapter. Brampton Brick has been the industry leader for over 55 years, setting the absolute standard for excellence, innovation

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Brick and Brick Veneer R-Values Compared

What Does R-Value Mean? The insulation property of building materials can be expressed as its per-inch R-Value, which indicates its degree of thermal resistance per inch of thickness. However, it is common practice for products, such as fiberglass insulation, to list their total thermal resistance as a single R-Value on the package. For example, regular

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Guide to Installing Brick Veneer

As Beautiful as Full-size Brick Considering the aesthetics, durability and affordability of brick veneer siding as compared to real brick, veneer siding is often a winner. In terms of appearance, anyone would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between full size brick and brick veneer once installed and pointed with mortar. Also, It lasts as

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