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Best Practices for Dry Laid Walls

A dry laid wall uses Ontario’s natural stone to reflect the surrounding environment. They appear as part of the landscape, making them ideal for aesthetic and practical purposes, and are used as both freestanding, or retaining walls.   Installing A Dry Laid Wall We recommend you get expert help when installing a dry laid wall.

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How Landscaping Product Warranties Should Impact Your Buying Decisions

How landscaping product warranties should impact your buying decisions Many of the hardscaping (stone) products your landscaping professional installs on your property come with manufacturer warranties. Manufacturers never want to eat the cost of a broken or faulty product, so if your product manufacturer includes a warranty, you know it expects the product to last

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Submit Your Project to the 2017 Grandies Hardscape Awards!

Calling all contractors! Submit pictures of your 2017 landscaping and hardscaping project by email to grandies@grandriverstone.comfor the 2017 Grandies. Projects are evaluated across 8 categories, including: Best use of Unilock Best use of Permacon Best use of Techo-Bloc Best use of Water Best use of Fire Best use of Natural Stone Best use of Lighting

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Winners of the 2016 Grandies!

The Second Annual Grandies Hardscape Awards were nothing short of a giant success yet again! We received an overwhelming amount of amazing entries and submissions this year, showcasing some fantastic talent and workmanship. We want to extend our congratulations to all the finalists. It was a tough competition and we were floored by the ingenuity

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The value of good customer service | Why it’s important to treat customers right

As a business, likely your goals are geared toward being the absolute best at your trade. Whether providing a service or product, a business has to show absolute confidence in their work to succeed. However, another skill of utmost importance – and one some companies unfortunately neglect – is strong customer service. In a world

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Know what the consumer is responsible for; know what the lighting contractor is responsible for

Landscape Ontario, the trade organization governing more than 2,000 certified horticultural professionals across the province, benefits from keeping homeowners educated. It means the clients its members serves can better appreciate the quality of work horticultural professionals produce. Find the full text below and make sure the landscape lighting you pay for is up to snuff.

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