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All About Polymeric Sand

What is Polymeric Sand? Every revolution needs a foundation. For the Interlock Revolution, that foundation is polymeric sand. One of the recent labour-saving developments in landscaping supplies and hardscaping is the widespread availability of polymeric sand, but many homeowners may not know about this marvelous product. When finishing off a patio, walkway or driveway with

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The Interlock Revolution on the News*

We know the Interlock Revolution is big in 2015. After all, homeowners and contractors from all over Southwestern Ontario are flocking to Grand River Natural Stone to pick up interlocking pavers for all sorts of projects, including: Driveways Walkways Backyard patios Pool decks Because of the high-demand for interlock stone, a crew from World News

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Introducing the Unilock Endura-Color Product Lineup

The Interlock Revolution rolls forward. With summer literally just around the corner, it’s the ideal time to select the interlock pavers you want for your landscaping project. A prominent manufacturer of interlocking pavers is Unilock. For the past 40 years, Unilock has been leading the landscaping industry when it comes to style and durability. It’s

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Proper Base Materials for Patios and Driveways

Before you lay down interlocking stones, you need a solid base If your long weekend landscape upgrade plans include laying a new driveway or installing new patio stones, it’s important to remember that, like most renovation jobs, preparation is everything. Though the interlock pavers or concrete bricks are the crowning glory, they can’t do the job alone.

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Join the Interlock Revolution

We know you’re asking: what’s the Interlock Revolution? Well, every year, there’s a hot new landscaping trend which everyone wants to incorporate into their outdoor living space. In 2013, it was all about colourful flowers and dark woodwork. And in 2014, bringing water to the backyard was big. In 2015, people are coming to us

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Hiring a Landscaper

Even the bravest weekend warrior or garden guru sometimes needs outside help from a professional landscaper. Selecting a landscaper to be a perfect fit for you project is a matter of knowing your needs and knowing a particular landscaper’s strengths. Your Landscaping Project Assessing the size and type of your landscaping needs is the first

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