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Water-Saving Lawn Care Tips

For many people, summer brings about a lawn care dilemma: Use more water than usual in order to maintain a nice, green lawn, or… Put the sprinkler away and watch the grass dry out and turn brown It doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition, though. By following some helpful water-conserving lawn care tips (and

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DIY Pond Construction

With people purchasing photographs and paintings of beautiful water landscapes to hang on the walls of their home, or even buying CDs and apps on their mobile devices that play the natural ambiance that running water provides, why not have the real thing right in your own yard?  Constructing a pond on your own property is

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Water Harvesting Made Easy

One of the four elements, water is the essential life giver–nothing can live without it for long. Harvesting this resource is as simple as collecting what nature provides, such as rain water in particular. The trick is in squeezing all the potential benefits out of every gallon saved. In regions where running water (such as

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DIY Cascading Stone Water Wall

Desktop fountains were a popular gift item several years ago. They usually consisted of a short wall with water flowing down into a small basin and circulating in a continuous cycle. Not much more than a foot tall and wide, these self-contained units provided the soothing sound of water in an affordable, reasonably attractive package.

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