2020 Landscaping Trends

Backyard View

Does your yard need a bit of a refresh? 2020 is the perfect year to invest in some new landscaping features, as the landscape architecture trends we are seeing are sure to make your yard more functional and your home more valuable. This year, the trends in the landscape industry are heading outside of the minimalist box. We’re looking at adding more character and more room for growing things to our landscaping. Here’s what you need to know about landscaping trends in 2020. 

Outdoor Bars 

Outdoor kitchens have been popular for some time, but the latest twist is focusing on the outdoor bar portion of that kitchen. Think a small sink, storage for alcohol and glasses, a fridge for limes and other drink staples and other bar accessories. No need to add in a huge stove—that’s what the fire pit is for. 

Outdoor bars are perfect for homeowners who entertain smaller groups for drinks, instead of having young children’s birthday parties in their yard. Outdoor bars are less maintenance than full kitchens, and who hasn’t wished for a craft beer on tap right next to the fire pit? 

Mixed Materials Hardscaping 

Home and interior design as a whole is moving away from minimalism, and you can expect landscape architecture trends to follow. That means there is more emphasis on character and colour, and nothing adds those elements to a yard like two or more hardscaping materials. 

Also, natural-looking stones are becoming more popular, as opposed to the modern, highly smoothed and polished stones that have had the spotlight for a little while. Expect rough stones in colours that contrast one another for dramatic effect. Some of the stones we have our eye on this year include: 

  • Western Black Granite: These dark brown stones have veins of white running through them, for intense contrast. Use them as stone centerpieces in your landscaping. 
  • Mega-Arbel: As far as natural-looking patio stones go, Mega-Arbel takes the cake. They are randomly sized, creating a mosaic effect. 
  • Chestnut Brown Palletized: You’ll need a natural, tall stone to create your retaining walls and planter walls. Consider this stone for the job, for its gorgeous colour, natural texture, and impressive height.

Planter Walls 

Green Wall

Garden design trends are becoming much broader because gardening is becoming more popular as a hobby and everyone wants something a little different from their garden. One thing we can say for sure is that planter walls will be a big landscaping trend in 2020. They are the basic structure of a garden. Expect trends to favour tall beds, as it’s easier to garden in raised beds, especially for seniors. 

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