5 Creative Accents for Your Landscape Design

garden panorama picture

Accent landscaping allows you to create more interest throughout your outdoor space. It is the perfect balance to your natural features, but can also include accent trees for landscaping. Here we look at five creative accents for your landscape design to help you create a one-of-a-kind outdoor space. 

1. Landscape Accent Lighting 

Landscape accent lighting doesn’t need to be expensive. You can create interesting effects using lanterns, string lighting, or even rope lighting that doesn’t require hard wiring. You can also use solar lighting to draw attention to pathways or highlight a tree or other features in your landscape design.  

However, if budget allows landscape accent lighting can be even more impressive including lighting for water features, as accents hard-wired into your pathways, in the steps of your deck, or shining down from your home. 

2. Landscaping Accent Trees 

Ontario gardens often incorporate landscaping accent trees to add beauty and interest. Some popular choices include ornamental trees that work in both small and large backyards such as: 

  • Dogwood 
  • Redbud 
  • Golden Chain Tree 
  • Japanese Maple 
  • Blue Spruce 

Clusters of smaller trees work very well in larger yards, while single trees offer a focal point in smaller yards. 

3. Landscaping Using Armor Stone 

Armour stone allows you to create stunning accents or structural features throughout your garden. Consider a seating wall surrounding a fire pit area, water features like bubbling rocks, steps creating levels, or retaining walls to add texture or to accent flower beds. It’s also a beautiful and natural-looking option for large-scale retaining walls. Armour stone has endless applications to create both accents or stunning features in your landscape design. 

4. Introduce Natural Accents  

Natural accents allow you to introduce native plantings, as well as introducing other natural materials to your landscaping scheme. Some ideas might include: 

  • Drystack stone walls are both functional and eye-catching and are a great way to add charm, or a touch of the popular “cottagecore” aesthetic.  
  • Native Plantings: Ontario is home to lovely native plants you can easily incorporate into your landscaping scheme. The beauty of choosing native plantings is that they thrive in their natural habitats. It is also an excellent way to attract more local birds and wildlife to your garden which also becomes a natural accent! 
  • Focus on the native stones like Canadian Granite, mossy rock and limestone boulders from Northern Ontario, and North American Jasper.  
  • Hedges: Instead of depending on fencing, plant hedges to create separation, add privacy, or define areas such as a fire pit, or dining area. 

All of these ideas allow you to use natural materials as accents.    

5. Unexpected Creative Accents 

A perfect example of an unexpected creative accent is dry streambeds. They create a feeling of movement while also adding texture. You can create your own unique design, whether it is contemporary straight lines and edges, or something more free-flowing by winding the streambed casually throughout your lawn or garden.  

You can choose different types of stones, creating a calming effect with rounded river stone, or a more textured edgy look with gravel. Some other creative accents you can include in your landscaping include: 

  • Pebble or pea-stone based Zen gardens 
  • Large stone features like Inukshuks, cairns, or balanced stone sculptures 
  • Arbors 
  • Designs within your patio or walkways using different styles, colours, and textures of pavers 
  • Statues or art installations 
  • Large scale urns 
  • Benches 

The creative accents landscape designs incorporate are limited only by your imagination. If you would like to incorporate some of these ideas into your landscaping plan, speak to our team today.