5 Flagstone Projects You Want to Replicate

5 flagstone projects you want to replicate

Flagstone has a very distinct look, is low maintenance, natural, and pulls together the various features of any landscape.

Flagstone patioIt’s an easy natural stone material to work with for do-it-yourself-ers, whether in traditional roles (like a patio) or more modern designs (as raised garden edging).

If you want to try your hand at stone landscaping this summer, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned home landscaper, one of these projects will challenge you and elevate your landscape fast.

A flagstone patio

Flagstone makes beautiful patio ground cover, and can be used to incorporate built-in stone features like:

  • A fireplace.
  • A BBQ.
  • A pizza oven
  • All-season seating.

You can also use it to create garden rooms around your property, with small flagstone seating areas surrounded by tall shrubs and flowers.

Flagstone patio kitchenDon’t shy away from laying your flagstone in an irregular pattern. Sometimes a little less order is just what your garden needs.

A new flagstone walkway

The stone walkway your house was built with back in the 70s, 80s or 90s hasn’t aged well. We don’t even have to see it to know the style doesn’t live up to the aesthetic you want your home to radiate.

A quick and comparatively easy upgrade is to replace that old ugly stone with new flagstone.

Choose flagstones with very smooth, flat surfaces and lay out your new path in a smooth curve (hard corners look fine with flagstone, but smooth natural curves look far better).

Raised garden edging

Stacked flagstones make stunning raised garden edges.

If your property slopes in any direction, terraced garden beds make the best use of your space. And those terraces can be edged in a handful of ways.

  • Flagstone.
  • Railway ties.
  • Timber.
  • Brick.

Our favourite (and yours too, once you see it) is flagstone. The texture flagstone brings to the face of each terraced garden bed is unmatched by any other material. Plus, it’s easy to lay.

Always remember to mortar your joints so the stone stays firm and in place.

Your suburban flagstone fire pit

Flagstone firepitA backyard flagstone fire pit is a fun and rewarding weekend project.

Firepits are great for gathering around with friends and family and provide a real focal point for all ages entertaining.

A flagstone surround provides an attractive and safe staging ground for two kinds of firepit:

  • A sunken firepit that sits below the surface.
  • A raised firepit with stone ledge surrounds.

If you like the idea of a sunken firepit, your job is to build a flagstone patio with a sunken space in the middle where your fire can burn.

If you like a raised firepit, your job is to build a raised stone firepit only (of course, if you want to build your raised firepit in the middle of a beautiful flagstone patio, you can.

Swimming pool surrounds

Flagstone is a natural choice for a pool deck, although traditionally it hasn’t been the choice for builders.

Flagstone pool surroundsWhat makes it so good?

  • A naturally non slip surface.
  • Moisture resistance to inhibit moss growth.
  • Heat resistance to stand up to hot Ontario summers.
  • Durability (flagstone will never crack).

Flagstone in slate or other monochromatic shades (like Bruce Grey, Pennsylvania Blue or Vermont Slate) is especially striking in contemporary in-ground pool designs.

Our stock of flagstone changes regularly, so the colour and style you want could be in our stockyard right now.

Stop by your nearest location and find the stone to complete your project this weekend. Your family will love the new landscape, and you’ll have all the bragging rights.

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