5 Reasons Why Stone Outperforms Other Materials

Did you know natural stone was one of the first building materials ever used?

From large buildings and bridges to backyard stone pathways and retaining walls, natural stone has been used for its versatility and reliability.

Plus, natural stone outperforms other materials time and again.

Why? Well, natural stone has a low environmental impact, it’s extremely durable with little maintenance, and it has a timeless beauty and grandeur.

Natural Stone Banas

1. Low Environmental Impact

Natural stone is made from nature, by nature. This means it requires no chemicals, pollutants, and releases no hazardous gases like other building materials do.

Plus, no energy is needed to manufacture stone—only quarrying and processing.

Natural stone is as “green” as it gets.

2. Easy Maintenance

Stone requires very little maintenance and care to keep it beautiful.

While other building materials need to be regularly painted, stained or sealed, natural stone doesn’t. It creates its own natural patina, which naturally enhances its beauty over time.

You, like your clients, want to spend time enjoying your home’s landscaping. Not maintaining it. That’s why natural stone is so great.

Typically, regular sweeping is all that’s needed to keep your natural stone beautiful for years to come.

3. Strong and Durable

Natural stone is one of the most popular building materials for its durability and resistance to damage. Plus, it’s a long-lasting material that you most likely will never have to replace.

What else makes stone the strongest and most durable choice?

  • It doesn’t rot
  • It is resistant to pests
  • Fireproof
  • Less susceptible to frost damage
  • Small chips and damage are difficult to spot

4. Timeless and Versitile

Natural stone retains its natural beauty and has a much longer lifespan than its building counterparts (concrete, brick, etc).

Stone never goes out of style and can look just as stunning after 100 years, as the day it was installed.

Plus, since it’s a natural material, it blends seamlessly with outdoor surroundings and its colours and textures vary naturally. Stone can be resurfaced in many ways to match any style and ambiance, and it can be cut into any shape or size for any application.

5. Great in All Seasons

Unlike other landscaping materials, natural stone is consistent through temperature changes.

Common building materials, such as wood and cement, expand and contract throughout the changing seasons. This can cause major damage and warping. Meanwhile, natural stone remains consistent through even the harshest Canadian climates.

Snow covered stone

How can you make sure your stone is safe throughout the Canadian winter?

  • Remove snow from stone and interlocking pavers before it melts—Once snow melts and water seeps into the cracks in your stone, it will freeze in the cracks causing your stone to expand and warp.
  • Seal your natural stone in the fall—Prevent damages before they happen by having your hardscaping sealed in the fall months.
  • Be cautious with snow shoveling—Metal show snovels can scratch your natural stone or pavers, and it can even scrape off sealant. Try using a snow blower or plastic snow shovel instead.

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