The Benefits of Thin Brick Veneer

Add Value to Your Home

brick veneer wallIf you are looking for a way to add value to your home by cladding it with brick, but would like to do it yourself, consider installing brick veneer. At Grand River Natural Stone Ltd. we have a selection of many different looks of brick veneer to choose from. Our capable staff are happy to help you select the right products for your project to get you started.

Thin brick veneer, when installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions, supplies the same advantages that a full bed brick does. It gives a beautiful and solid appearance to a building, with the same longevity and easy maintenance as full bricks. Brick veneer made from the same material as full-size bricks, provides the same natural colors, textures and durability as real brick. It can replace your current siding whether it is wood, metal or vinyl without requiring highly skilled bricklayers and the cost of adding a foundation to support heavy, full-size bricks. Additionally, your home’s resale value immediately rises, but the greatest advantage of using thin brick veneer is that the do-it-yourselfer, with the right tools, can handle this project.

Applications for Thin Brick Veneer

brick veneer backsplashThin brick veneer can be used to enhance a number of areas of your home or workplace. It can be used for a feature wall in any room where you would like to add visual interest or just simply have a texture change. It is beautiful as a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom, on a fireplace or even on a kitchen island. For the exterior of a building it works on full walls, skirting, and pillars, as long as it is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Installation of Brick Veneer

Installation of brick veneer is not overly complex but does require some experience though not as much as bricklaying does. Advanced do-it-yourselfers can manage the job if they want to reduce the cost of labour for the project.

Costs vary because every job is different depending on the particular veneer chosen and the amount of preparation required for the existing wall. Exterior projects require extra materials for weather proofing. The most important portion of the job of installing brick veneer is the part you cannot see: the installation of plywood, weather barrier, weep, metal lath plus the cement parge coat to which the veneer adheres. If these are not installed correctly, the entire job is at risk .

Value That Pays for Itself

house with brick veneerConsidering the many advantages that brick veneer holds over other siding choices, such as ease of installation, accommodation of additional insulation, fireproofing and easy maintenance, its true value compared to vinyl or wood is certainly worth the extra cost. With modern brick veneers, it would take an expert to know that it is not real brick. If you enjoy the look of brick, and who doesn’t, it is a superb choice for a rich appearance at a reasonable cost.

If you’re interested in viewing samples of brick veneer, visit one of our southwestern Ontario locations today.