Choosing the Best Pool Coping Stones

If you are looking to finish your pool with coping stones there are things that you should think about besides just how aesthetically pleasing they are.

Pool Patio StonesWith the market being flooded with options it can be hard to choose.

Keep it simple and look at these two key considerations and you’ll have a pool that looks great and is safe to use.

The first concern should be safety. If you have children and friends over there will be nothing that ruins a fun summer evening quicker than an injury. You should choose a pool coping material that is slip resistant for the inevitably wet hands and feet using them to get a grip on.

A material that is absorbent or pre-cast is ideal. Nearly every style, colour, design, and material can be found in a non slip finish. Be sure to look carefully and read the manufacturers claims for each. Ask your local distributor for their opinion on what has worked for other customers in the past.

Affordability will also be high on the list. If you can’t afford it you can’t buy it! Higher priced options include limestone, granite, and flagstone. More affordable, but just as appealing and safe, are materials such as bull nose pavers, concrete and pool liners. Bull nose pavers come in a wide variety of colours such as bronze, carob and ebony, and many patterns that lead to a professional looking finish.

Travertine is a type of limestone that can also look great and be affordable. For the true look of pool coping stones you should go with one of the stone options presented. They go especially well with an interlocking paver walkway or surround built around them.

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