Creating Your Oasis

Stone wall with waterfall

You can’t install a pool and expect to create a backyard oasis. Creating a backyard oasis starts with a landscape design that is beautiful and functional. Here’s a few ideas that will help you create a backyard oasis.  

Planning Your Pool  

Before you start envisioning your pool, you want to create a thorough plan that encompasses all aspects of your landscaping for your backyard oasis. The size, shape and colour of your pool are important features to consider when constructing a pool, but you want to consider what will go around your pool as well. When you create a plan that encompasses your whole backyard prior to starting your project, you can create a unified and functional design.  

An easy way to create a backyard oasis is to plan out a multi-level patio. These elevation changes help define your space and create multiple areas with different functions. From sunbathing, entertaining to eating, every space will be clearly defined, ensuring you and your guests are not confined by an undefined space.  

Defining features can help separate spaces, while also creating a continuity of space. Imagine an interlocking patio around your pool, with matching interlocking features in your dining and entertaining areas.  

Outdoor Kitchen  

defined space of your backyard oasis will likely be an outdoor kitchen. When you consider an outdoor kitchen, you may have already picked out your countertop materials and your faucet style. But you must also consider to key elements of an outdoor kitchen; cooking and storage.  

When you envision an outdoor kitchen, you envision a space where you can comfortably cook and store your food items.  Consider combining two cooking features, such as; a rustic combination of a pizza oven and a firepit or a more elegant combination of a convection oven and high-end grill. In order to comfortably cook in your outdoor kitchen, you need storage. Cold storage for your drinks and ingredients and dry storage for your plates, cups and all other items needed for entertaining.  

These features will not only beautify your backyard oasis, it will also create a functional space that you can use throughout the summer.  

Furnishings for Entertainment  

Patio Furniture

Planning your furniture ahead of time, ensures that your furniture will fit into your space, and that the furniture matches the overall theme of your backyard oasis. You may be overwhelmed with all the furniture items available, but here are some common staples for entertaining in a backyard oasis:  

  • Shade Options: Keeping your furniture comfortable (i.e. not hot to the touch) starts with providing shade options, such as; umbrellas, trellises and pergolas.  
  • Sunbathing:  Consider individual and waterproof options.   
  • Group Seating: Outdoor couches and sofas are available in multiple looks, that will fit into your backyard oasis style.  
  • One-on-one Seating: Want a romantic area? Consider a bistro table with two chairs.  

Creating your backyard oasis can be achieved this summer. For all your landscaping supply needs, the experts at Grand River Stone have you covered.