Five Key Advantages of Brick Veneer

Every January, once the holidays have subsided, many people visit Grand River Natural Stone asking about the advantages brick veneer.

This year, of course, is no different.

So our first blog of 2016 looks at 5 important reasons why you should consider brick veneer for any wall or fireplace project you have in mind.

Veneer Wall

1. Similar in appearance to natural bricks

Years ago, the contrast between brick veneer and traditional concrete or clay bricks was jarring.  You could easily distinguish which was veneer and which was natural.

Not anymore.

Today’s modern brick veneers are made from clay and shale. This ensures that the look and feel/texture of veneer is virtually identical to regular bricks.

In fact, the only noticeable difference comes in thickness:

  • Veneer brick panels are approximately 1” thick
  • Natural bricks are around 3”- 4” thick

Which leads us to…

2. Veneer is very lightweight

Because veneer is lightweight compared to natural bricks:

  • They’re much easier to handle and manipulate during installation
  • The surface underneath brick veneer doesn’t need to have excessive weight-bearing element
  • They can be installed on most residential walls

3. Lower monetary and time costs compared to natural bricks

Perhaps the most appealing advantage of brick veneer is that they’re much more affordable versus natural stone bricks – in all aspects:

  • Unit costs
  • Construction and/or installation costs (when measured by the square foot compared to conventional bricks)
  • Time spent during installation and maintenance
  • Cleaning and/or care costs

And because today’s brick veneer is just as strong as conventional bricks, they’ll last an exceptionally long time without requiring high maintenance costs.

4. Ease of installation for DIY’ers

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, it’s much easier to install and keep brick veneer vs. full bed brick.

Here’s are a few reasons why

  • Usually only one layer of masonry should do the trick
  • Brick veneer requires a very simple support system, compared to solid brick which needs a heavier (and more expensive) foundation
  • Veneer doesn’t require much maintenance once it’s installed
  • It is very easy to paint or stain brick veneer in the colour of your choice

Brick veneer in the kitchen.


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5. Great insulation

Most brick veneer is graded and sold based upon their insulation capacity. This is known as R-Values.

When installed properly, homeowners can take advantage of the veneer’s high insulation capacity.

This also means they can use brick veneer just about anywhere in the home to create the perfect level of insulation, comfort and style

      • Fireplaces
      • Walls
      • Siding
      • Kitchen backsplash

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