Interior Natural Flagstone Ideas

Interior flagstone floor

Imagine a flooring material suitable for both formal and informal design styles that is durable, easy to maintain and looks much more expensive than its actual cost.

Flagstone is a natural stone material with all of these characteristics, but it is often overlooked when homeowners are planning their interiors.


Many of us think about landscaping when we consider natural stone, but it offers many benefits when it comes to interior surfaces: it is a unique and unexpected flooring choice, it is eco-friendly, & it will last for the life of your home.

What Exactly Is Flagstone?

Flagstone is a generic name used to describe flat stone that is suitable for paving or surfacing.

Some examples include:

Kitchen flagstone floorDesign Choices

There are many different styles and colors of flagstone to choose from. The surface of flagstone can be flat and smooth for a clean look or textured and irregular for a more rustic appearance. As with all truly natural materials, each individual piece of stone is unique.

Many types of flagstone are available. It can be produced from slate, sandstone, granite or limestone and is harvested from all over the world.

There Are Many Options to Choose From, But Some Work Particularly Well for Interiors

For interior use, you will want flagstone that has a smooth surface with a polished or honed finish. Rectangular shapes with sawn edges may be best where a more formal appearance is desired. Straight edges also allow stones to be placed close together with little or no visible mortar (however stone in an interior space- unlike in a patio- will always be mortared.)

Some variation in size is generally in keeping with the character of flagstone. It is unusual, though not unheard of, to have all of your stone pavers the same exact size. A random pattern based on three or four different stone sizes can also be used to create interest

Irregularly shaped flagstone may also be used to provide a more casual or informal look. It can be beautiful in an entrance, bathroom or large room. A smaller number of large stones can have a simple yet impressive effect for an entire area or to create a focal point in a particular room. Random flag can also be placed in a square cut pattern as an accent.

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Flagstone entranceWhere to Use Natural Stone in your Home?

Flagstone provides the perfect look for a large country kitchen. It compliments wood furniture such as kitchen cabinets or a sturdy kitchen table. It also performs well in the kitchen environment where a durable, easy-to-clean floor, backsplash and countertop are needed.

A large sunroom is also a nice setting for natural stone flooring. Flagstone serves well as a transition between indoor and outdoor spaces and will retain heat from direct sunlight. Wicker furniture, large pillows and lightweight curtains made of natural fabric are a good match for flagstone in a sunroom or casual sitting room.

Flagstone can also be successfully used for entryways and foyers, bathrooms, dining rooms and dens.

Any room with a fireplace virtually calls out for flagstone, at least in front of the hearth and fireplace, if not for the fireplace itself. Remember that flagstone does not have to stay on the floor! A stone wall makes a dramatic feature or focal point.

What are the Maintenance Requirements?

Caring for your flagstone floor is easy.

It should be coated with a sealer after the initial installation and can be swept or vacuumed like any other floor. Light mopping with a natural, non-abrasive cleaner is the only other maintenance that is needed.

Need Some Inspiration?

View different colours and designs of flagstone surfaces here.

Stone is one of the most versatile, durable materials available. Using flagstone for flooring or other features in your home makes good sense in many ways. Natural stone flooring has a timeless character that will only improve and enhance the look of your home as the years go by.

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