Introducing the Unilock Endura-Color Product Lineup

Richcliff CourtstoneThe Interlock Revolution rolls forward. With summer literally just around the corner, it’s the ideal time to select the interlock pavers you want for your landscaping project.

A prominent manufacturer of interlocking pavers is Unilock. For the past 40 years, Unilock has been leading the landscaping industry when it comes to style and durability. It’s no secret, then, that Unilock has been the stone of choice for many homeowners and contractors in Southwestern Ontario.

Their latest addition to an already impressive product lineup is Unilock Endura-Color, which are available in two separate product lines:

  • Unilock Endura-Color
  • Unilock Endura-Color Plus

Grand River Natural Stone is proud to carry both Unilock Endura-Color product lines. If you’re interested in bringing Unilock to your home, simply contact us and tell us about your project.

Want to know more about the Unilock Endura-Color lines? Then keep reading.

Unilock Richcliff

Unilock Endura-Color

Unilock Endura-Color is an exceptionally strong interlocking paver with long-lasting colour that won’t fade over time, nor with exposure to the elements.

Exceptionally versatile, Unilock Endura-Color landscaping supplies can be used in all sorts of projects:



  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Pool decks

Unilock Endura-Color pavers are:

  • Artline: Featuring long, clean lines, Artline pavers can help you create a minimalist design which will never go out of style
  • Beacon Hill Flagstone: Natural in appearance, Beacon Hill Flagstone features soft colours and subtle surface design
  • Bristol Valley: With a gentle surface texture and muted colours, Bristol Valley creates a modern look that’s timeless
  • Il Campo: Each Il Campo paver is made with unique surface lines, so no two are alike, giving you almost unlimited design pattern options
  • Northshore: As sturdy as its name, Northshore’s combination of natural beauty and rugged performance ensures that it’s built to last
  • Promenade Paver: With long and narrow lines, Promenade Paver is ideal for linear designs which result in a sleek, precise pattern
  • Thornbury: Ideal for standard and permeable installations, Thornbury features a moderately textured surface and a variety of sizes to create a random look

An example of Copthorne

Unilock Endura-Color Plus

Unilock Endura-Color Plus sets a new standard for everlasting beauty.

A mix of modern construction and old-school charm, Unilock Endura-Color Plus will endure for generations.

Just as robust as Unilock Endura-Color, the catalogue of this product line can be used anywhere, for any project, and will look just as good many years from the day it was first installed.


  • Belpasso: Non-slip, stain-resistant and durable, Belpasso is perfect for high-traffic areas like patios or driveways
  • Copthorne: Old-world elegance meets new-age technology with Copthorne, a lovely interlocking paver that’s virtually indestructible
  • Courtstone: Made for driveways, Courtstone is designed to look like European cobblestones with incredible strength
  • Richcliff: As classy as its name, Richcliff instantly adds a touch of refined grace to your project and will not split, crack or fade
  • Series 3000: Very versatile, Series 3000 can be used for driveways, walkways and more with a unique look caused by surface granite particles pressed into the stone itself
  • Town Hall: Able to handle traditional and permeable installation methods, Town Hall features a historical, weathered appearance
  • Umbriano: With the natural look and feel of granite, Umbriano features clean, sharp lines and is extremely resistant to chlorine, salt pool water or winter salt de-icers

Grand River Natural Stone is your source for Unilock Endura-Color

Whatever your landscaping project is, there’s a Unilock Endura-Color option that will give it that extra design touch.

Grand River Natural Stone is Southwestern Ontario’s premier source for Unilock Endura-Color. Our pros can help you with every aspect of your project, from conception to paving stone selection to installation.

Get us to work for you and get Unilock Endura-Color for your outdoor design project.

Contact us today to discuss your project and what Unilock Endura-Color can do to enhance it.