Keep Your Interlock in Like-New Shape this Year

After a few seasons of swinging temperatures and a couple creeping weeds, your interlock pavers could probably use a little help getting back to that fresh look they had a few years ago.

These quick and easy jobs bring your interlock back to the clean and natural look they had just a few years ago.

Sweep patio cleanGive the kids a couple brooms and set them to work

You don’t notice the small amounts of grime accumulating on your pavers every day. But over time, it can totally change the look you invested in.

A power washer or some kids with a few brooms can sweep it away pretty quickly, making a huge and immediate impact on its appearance.

Plus, the dirt and debris building up on your interlock carries weed seeds – that’s how you get dandelions growing in the space between your stones.

So a sweep or wash makes your stones look good now and protects them from weeds later in the summer.

Get out your level, or eyeball uneven interlock

Snow, ice and frost mess with the moisture trapped beneath your interlocking stones, causing them to shift. When soil thaws in the spring, you could notice stones way out of whack (especially the first season after you got them installed).

That’s not the natural, refined look you paid for.

Putting down paving stones

Minor shifting is easy to repair:

  • Pull up your paver.
  • Level the base with concrete sand.
  • Place the stone back down carefully.

Larger repairs could require pulling up sections of stone. It’s the same as leveling a single stone, but takes more elbow grease and time.

Fill and level the joints

Weeds have a hard time growing when the joints between your interlock stones are topped up with polymeric sand.Polymeric sand

Polymeic sand goes in dry and solidifies when wet, and the composition makes it almost impossible for paver to shift (and weeds to grow) once it settles.

Filling the gaps with regular sand won’t do. Polymeric sand is composed of quartz, silica, water-based polymers, cement and colorants and creates a much different final product than sand (which can blow away and erode as water flows down your stone).

Scrub your stone down good

We stock specially formulated interlock cleaner to get rid of stubborn stains.

Oil, paint, tar, rubber and organic stains are difficult to remove with even industrial-strength power washers.

Interlock cleaner is formulated to go easy on the surface of your stone (nobody wants your stone to lose its smooth natural surface) while separating the bonds that make oil and similar stains so hard to remove.

Seal your paving stones

Sealing your interlock pavers:

  • Protects them from water, UV rays, dirt, oil and grease.
  • Strengthens them and extends their lifespan.
  • Creates a long-lasting glossy, satin finish.

One application of sealant last anywhere from 1-4 years, depending on your product choice – you can pick up the same sealers professional contractors use at your nearest Grand River Natural Stone location.

Interlock pavers add value and personality to your home, and taking care of them in the spring extends those benefits too.

If you want more interlock care tips or a FREE quote on any of the products we carry, all you have to do is give us a call.

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