Natural Stone vs Faux Stone Veneer: What to Know Before Buying

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For any homebuyer, one of the hardest things to predict is whether a home upgrade will go out of style after a decade or two. Instead of dreaming about a white picket fence, you may want to think about modern trends and how they will age. Currently, lavish exterior stone veneers and interior stone accent walls and kitchen backsplashes are all the rage.  

These veneers come in two varieties: natural stone and faux stone. Deciding which to use for your home isn’t always easy. Read this guide to learn more about the benefits of each.  

The Pros and Cons of Natural and Faux Stone Veneers 

Natural stone veneers are made of stone that has been mined from the earth. Faux stone veneers are made of stone that is manufactured. A typical manufactured stone is made of a blend of concrete and iron ore. This will imitate the texture and appearance of natural stone.  

Manufactured stone costs roughly one-third of natural stone but is generally not as durable a product. Faux stone veneers are also generally easier to swap out when you want an upgrade. 

Determining which is best depends on whether it is used for exterior or interior walls and whether you prefer to go for a timeless look that will never go out of style.  

Exterior Stonework and Faux Stone Panels  

When dealing with exterior walls and panels, think about durability. Generally, the iron ore concrete blend used in faux veneers is more porous than stone, which means it will decay after repeated exposure to rain or pool water. Also, constant exposure to sunlight will fade the colour on the stone’s exterior, making it look all the more unremarkable. 

There is a great deal of variation in the quality and durability of faux stone veneers. A lower-quality one might decay and fade after five years, while a higher-end one might still look good after 20 years. Some will weigh the costs of these against the cost of natural stone. Others prefer to go budget friendly and update their veneers every five years to stay within the modern style.    

Stone Veneers for Interior Walls   

For interior fixtures, natural stone can be difficult to match with the rest of the room. Faux selections can be customized in accordance with colour, shape, pattern and layout. Natural stone, on the other hand, is solely at the mercy of what comes out of the mines that year. As a result, some people end up with faux veneers because they don’t like the natural stone selections available at the time of their build.    

Consult with an Expert  

As you continue on your home improvement journey, keep an open mind. The best retailers are the ones like Grand River Natural Stone because we offer large selections of both natural and faux stones. Who knows, you may be surprised by what you find.  

Contact our team of experts today to find the perfect stone product for your needs.  

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