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Get the most Unique patio with a Flagstone Mosaic

Natural stone patios, whether they are constructed with flagstone, slate or field stone, are a popular addition to the backyard landscape of many homes. A well designed patio is an enjoyable place to spend time outdoors. Depending on the size of yours, it can be a place for outdoor dining, gathering around a fire pit

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Flagstone/Natural Stone Walkway Ideas

  Creating a walkway or path out of natural stone or flagstone is a popular choice for many homeowners. With the unique natural material and the limitless design options, no two features ever look the exact same. Here are some things to think through as you consider different natural stone walkway ideas. Choose Formal or

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Interior Natural Flagstone Ideas

Imagine a flooring material suitable for both formal and informal design styles that is durable, easy to maintain and looks much more expensive than its actual cost. Flagstone is a natural stone material with all of these characteristics, but it is often overlooked when homeowners are planning their interiors. Why? Many of us think about

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How to Install Stone Steps

A great accent for your walkways and paths is a set of stone steps on any gradation on your property. Proper planning and preparation of the ground are vital to installing stone steps that last. Get ready for some dirty work! 1. Plan the location and materials First you’re going to have to choose the

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Choosing the Best Pool Coping Stones

If you are looking to finish your pool with coping stones there are things that you should think about besides just how aesthetically pleasing they are. With the market being flooded with options it can be hard to choose. Keep it simple and look at these two key considerations and you’ll have a pool that

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Using Armour Stone to Build a Retaining Wall

Armour stone is a large, thick and heavy rock which lends well to its wall building capabilities. Their sheer size can be supplemented by a simple locking mechanism, such as a built-in lip on the bottom, to ensure a solidly built wall. Getting started Whether you’re looking to build a retaining wall or a raised

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Great Selection of Exquisite Natural Stone for Building and Landscaping

Grand River Natural Stone has one of the largest selections of building and landscaping materials in Southwestern Ontario. Four well-stocked locations in Kitchener, Stoney Creek, London or Fergus offer an extensive inventory of natural stone, brick and concrete products for building exteriors, patios, pools, retaining walls, pathways and other landscaping needs. Plus we have first

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