Stone Veneer Fireplaces: 6 Different Ways

We love stone/brick veneer – especially when it comes to updating the look of a fireplace. Whether your home follows a rustic, contemporary, or classic design theme, thin stone or brick veneer can fit right in and have a beautiful. Here are 6 different fireplaces that are dressed up with our stone veneer products:

A Rustic, Outdoorsy Feel

The raw and irregular look of this stone veneer oozes natural appeal. If you’re looking to create the feel of an upscale lodge or cottage, this product is ideal. The mantle blends in, and the neutral colours allow the art to come forth and stand out.

rustic fireplace

Clean & Classic

The neutral taupes and warm beiges in this veneer allow this fireplace to fit in any home. The narrow profile of the pieces of stone makes this option interesting- a balance between a natural and decorative product.

clean classic stone veneer fireplace

The Focal Point of the Room

The peaches and greys in this natural looking stone veneer and the wooden mantle make the fireplace masonry pop from the contrasting wall colour.

stone veneer fireplace

Contemporary and Inviting

This stacked-looking stone veneer combined with an accent wall behind it is a great look for a home with contemporary interior décor. This design brings the fireplace forward as the focal point and ensures the TV retracts into the dark wall behind it when not in use.

contemporary stone veneer fireplace

The Statement Fireplace

Using a dark stone/brick around the fireplace is a less frequent choice, making this design especially striking. If you are considering dressing up a fireplace in a small room and using a dark veneer, ensure the walls and the rest of the colours used in the décor are light and airy.

stone veneer fireplace

Heritage Style

The solid look of building stone- commonly used in many century homes around Southwestern Ontario- can be mimicked by a stone veneer. The below design has been set between a built in shelf and antique accessories to accentuate the heritage look.

stone veneer fireplace

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