The Products More Contractors and Homeowners Will Use This Summer

Landscaped backyard

Every year, with changes in weather and design trends, we see different products grow in popularity.

The snowy winter and strange, wet, windy, brief spring left lots of homeowners and contractors shopping for three products more than others.

When your project gets underway this spring or summer, make sure you have enough of the important supplies from Grand River Natural Stone on hand to get the job done right and fast (in that order).

Mulch – better to have too much than not enough


Mulch does 3 things for your landscape:

  • Exposed soil loses moisture quickly to evaporation. Mulch locks the moisture in so you use less water maintaining your plants.
  • Soil erodes over time as wind and rain drag it away. Mulch holds your nutrient-rich soil in place so you don’t have to keep replacing it.
  • It looks awesome and comes in 5 styles to create the look you want (cedar, pine, black-dyed, red-dyed, economy mix).

Mulch helps you maintain a beautiful landscape with less water. And after this spring when many homeowners watched their topsoil wash or blow away, we expect more contractors and homeowners will include mulch in the landscape this year.

Topsoil – dry is the best for your plants

When new topsoil goes down in your garden, the plants you want in there have to compete with weeds to get the best foothold.


Placing dry topsoil in your garden beds gives your plants the best chance to beat out the weeds.


Wet topsoil is clumpy and does not allow roots to proliferate quickly. Although they won’t feel this way, your plants could be loose in the ground and unable to adequately access the water and nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Weeds thrive in hard conditions and establish themselves quickly. If your topsoil doesn’t give your plants the best chance to grow, weeds will take over quickly.

Heavy snowfall, high winds and a handful of freeze/melt cycles washed away fresh topsoil from properties across our service region, and homeowners are currently investing in quality topsoil and mulch to protect it this summer.

Brick veneer – not like the other two on this list, but popular right now nonetheless

The look of an interior brick feature is high on the home renovation checklist.


An increasing number of interior renovations take advantage of the natural, warm look and low weight (relative to full depth brick) of brick veneer.

From a design perspective, brick veneer is available in a wider selection of colours, shapes and textures than full depth brick.

It’s perfect for interior renovation projects like:

  • Accent walls.
  • Kitchen island surrounds.
  • Basement rec room columns.
  • Bath tub or shower surrounds.

Some bold designs even include brick veneer as a kitchen backsplash.

As these natural, warm design elements grow in popularity, homeowners and contractors will use brick veneer more and more.

The season for landscape and home renovations is here. Get a good start with the products you need for that perfect inside or outside upgrade from any of our 4 locations across southern Ontario today.

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