Trending Landscaping Products and Materials

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Could your landscaping use a bit of a refresh? Consider adding trendy products or materials. There’s a reason that these landscaping products become trends. They don’t just add beauty, they also add function, reduce your landscape’s maintenance, and add more benefits. Explore the best landscaping material trends below.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are becoming more popular as people look for landscape features that are interesting and beautiful, but don’t need water or maintenance. Plus, rock gardens look great in fall and spring, when the rest of your yard won’t be quite as lovely as it is in the summer. Trending materials for rock gardens include:

  • Canyon rock: These large, natural slabs of stone add a very authentic feel to rock gardens and make great centerpieces.
  • Turquoise boulder: Looking to add some colour to your rock garden? These blue-green rocks make quite the statement.
  • Northern granite river rock: All rock gardens need aggregate to lay down as a background, like mulch. This mix of textured stones is ideal as it looks just like a riverbed bottom.

Undermount LED Lighting

Undermount LED lighting is a trending product for landscaping this year. The lights themselves don’t float, but they make your landscape features look like they do. You just embed the light beneath the feature. That might mean beneath your natural stone steps, in pool coping, or under waterfalls. The look is very sophisticated, and it increases safety on your property.

High-Quality Natural Stones

Landscaping trends are focusing on quality so that you get the longevity out of the landscaping features that you expect. There are high-quality natural stones that have become very popular because of this emphasis. This includes:

  • Muskoka granite flagstone: Flagstone should be large, vibrant pieces that will make for unusual pathways and patios. Muskoka is dark with lines of vibrant red, making for a very unique look.
  • Wiarton natural top coping: Quality pool coping needs to last as long as the pool. Wiarton’s line of products are just the thing, and they are available in a range of lovely colours.
  • Banas fossil: For something truly unique, try this natural, square-cut stone that looks like it has plant fossils embedded in it.

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Outdoor Kitchen Items

This year, new products for the outdoor kitchen are also trending. People are looking for new ways to cook in their outdoor kitchen, and ways to better integrate bar features, and the trends reflect that. Consider:

  • Outdoor wine coolers
  • Smokers
  • Stone ovens
  • Outdoor ice makers

Having a trendy landscape for 2021 starts with the materials you use. Get a head start by looking at materials at one of Grand River Natural Stone’s 4 locations. We have quality, trending materials you’ll be happy to include in your yard. Visit us today.