Get the most Unique patio with a Flagstone Mosaic

Natural stone patios, whether they are constructed with flagstone, slate or field stone, are a popular addition to the backyard landscape of many homes. A well designed patio is an enjoyable place to spend time outdoors. Depending on the size of yours, it can be a place for outdoor dining, gathering around a fire pit with friends or just relaxing in a comfortable chair.

If you are beginning the design process to create your own special place, you may be looking for unique patio ideas- something to make your space stand out from the cookie-cutter lots on your street.

Stone Mosaics Offer Exciting Possibilities in Home Landscape Design

Mosaics have been around for hundreds of years. Traditionally made with small stones or tiles, the technique has evolved over time. Large stones can be used to create an artistic focal point in your outdoor surfaces.

Your stone mosaic can be subtle or bold, small or large, and integrated into an overall design plan. Though a mosaic is perfect for a backyard patio, it could also be used as a feature in an entry, walkway or paved courtyard. 

Here are some amazing examples:

mosaic landscape design
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mosaic landscape design
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Design Variations

mosaic landscape designYou may decide to design a mosaic yourself or suggest a concept to an artist familiar with stone and natural materials. The design can be abstract or literal, symmetrical or asymmetrical, multicolored or monotone. Remember that an idea sketched out on paper will be much larger when it is installed. At the same time, it should not be overly detailed. More detail means more stones and a more complex installation. 

Contrast in colour and shape works best for flagstone mosaics. Grand River Natural Stone carries many kinds of flag stone from granite to sandstone, limestone, quartzite and slate. These come in square cut or random and the range of colour includes yellow, gold, gray, brown, black, red, pink, purple, green and blue. With a pallet of colour like this, there are limitless possibilities.

Creating a Sunburst Patio

With random flag, long narrow pieces can be arranged in a sunburst. It can be made from the same stone being used in the rest of your patio for a subtle effect or in a contrasting colour for greater impact. A “mat” or “rug” can be created as a focal point to a sitting area or under a dining table. Use square cut stone for the perimeter band of colour. Fill in larger areas with a contrasting colour or random flag as opposed to square cut.

The stone for the mosaic may need to be cut. It is possible for you to do it yourself but if in doubt please ask us at Grand River Natural Stone for a stone mason referral.

A Flagstone Mosaic as Part of your Patio is a Great Way to Personalize your Landscape

It turns an ordinary outdoor space into a work of art. Once you have started this creative process, you may come up with more unique patio ideas and exciting features for your backyard and home. We at Grand River Natural Stone are happy to assist you with your plans in any way we can.