The value of good customer service | Why it’s important to treat customers right

good customer serviceAs a business, likely your goals are geared toward being the absolute best at your trade. Whether providing a service or product, a business has to show absolute confidence in their work to succeed. However, another skill of utmost importance – and one some companies unfortunately neglect – is strong customer service. In a world full of consumers empowered by not only word of mouth, but blogs, review sites and social media, public relations have never been as important as they are now. Put simply, good customer service creates more business. This primarily works in two ways, which we can discuss a bit in this article.

Returning Customers

A new customer coming to your business to meet their needs is great, obviously. But if every customer that walks through your door is a new one, eventually you’re going to run dry. Even better than new business would certainly be consistent business. Keeping strong and effective customer service policies in place will not only steer new business your way, but will keep those that find working with you a pleasure coming back again and again.

A Fresh Consumer Base

Traditional marketing strategies such as billboarding or yellow pages ads are perfectly fine, to be sure, but as we mentioned before, we are dealing with a world of empowered consumers. Your ad may say plenty about your award winning service, but most consumers will take the words of a friend or family member over marketing campaigns. If your consumer base is happy, they’re more likely to reach out to those they know and reference your business, thus drawing in even more customers.

The best thing about a strong customer service system is it’s easy. There are innumerable ways to make your customers happy, all of which are equally simple. A few quick examples include:

  • Staff and personnel trained to deal with customers in a friendly and effective manner.
  • All employees should have a full understanding of their products, able to easily answer any questions a customer may have.
  • Express full honesty and integrity when dealing with a customer.
  • Encourage returning business.
  • Always smile.

At Grand River Natural Stone, we are proud to say we prioritize all of these examples. We understand the importance of a happy customer, and strive to exceed all of your goals. Family owned and operated, we strive to treat our customers as part of the family, and hope to engender a strong and lasting relationship with our consumer base.

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