5 Striking Landscaping Boulders to Make Your Yard Stand Out

June 24, 2024 by Grand River Natural Stone

If you want your front yard to stand out, you’ll need to do more than plant flowers. Landscaping boulders might just offer the dramatic flair you need. Here are our top five picks to bring the wow factor to your landscape (in no particular order).   Amethyst Boulders  Amethyst boulders simply look luxurious. Their rich purple

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All About Landscaping Rocks: Types, How to Choose Them & More

June 12, 2024 by Grand River Natural Stone

Choosing the right landscaping rocks can significantly improve the functionality and appearance of your garden. This guide offers detailed insights into various types of landscaping rocks, as well as advice on selection, installation, and maintenance to help you find the perfect rocks for your landscaping needs. What Makes Landscaping Rocks Special? Landscaping rocks are special

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Mastering Landscape Design with Mulch: Color, Texture, and Contrast

May 2, 2024 by Grand River Natural Stone

Mulch might have many practical benefits, but it can also serve an aesthetic purpose. Mulch is often used as an element in landscape design since it’s available in many colours and textures. By understanding the variety of mulch types available, you, too, can create visually appealing, well-defined outdoor spaces. Colour Dynamics with Mulch The colour

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