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Mortar is a mixture of cements and sands used almost as much in construction as Portland cement. Mortar is more pliable than cement and is often found in thin applications – between bricks and blocks – and differs from cement in three main ways.

  • Mortar must retain more water
  • Mortar displays less strength
  • Mortar must be comprised of higher air content

The Most Widely Used Types of Mortar

We carry the two most widely used types of mortar.

  • Type S – Achieves a compressive strength of 1,800 psi at 28 days
  • Type N – Achieves compressive strength of 750 psi at 28 days

Some concrete mixes, by comparison, can achieve strength of 8,000+ psi.

Which Mortar is Best for My Application?

Type S mortar is standard in most jobs, as it can handle heavy loads while remaining flexible and resilient. Type N can be used in non-load bearing applications where aesthetics are the primary concern.

Getting Colour in Your Mortar

Colour can be introduced to mortar to add a unique aesthetic in your build. The same brands of masonry cement, mortar cement, portland cement, hydrated lime, or pigments should be used throughout construction of a project to ensure colour consistency. All sand should be from the same source and care must be taken to stop any contamination with clay or dirt at the job site. White and light-colored mortars are particularly sensitive to such contamination. We recommend mechanical mixing of batches to get the most consistent colour.

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