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Colourful, Durable and Rich Mulch for Landscape Construction and Renovation

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Mulch is a vital building block for your landscaping project. High-quality mulch from Grand River Natural Stone can dramatically improve the quality of the soil underneath it.

What type of mulch does your project need?

A fresh layer of mulch makes your garden or landscape construction and renovation project pop with attention-grabbing colour.

The benefits of Grand River’s mulch:

Our selection of mulch products benefits your garden by:

• Keeping moisture in the soil
• Boosting the overall vitality and health of the soil
• Limiting the growth of weeds
• Giving your garden extra curb appeal

Natural mulch is the best mulch

London, Ontario Mulch and TopsoilMulch can be organic or artificial in nature. At Grand River Natural Stone, we prefer to carry mulch made from shredded bark material. This is because natural mulch:

• Creates an environment attractive to worms and other soil microorganisms, whose activity helps the mulch better incorporate itself into the soil.

• Can lower the need for irrigation or watering of the garden by absorbing evaporated water, rather than letting it escape in the air. This is especially vital if you live in an area with watering restrictions.

The right mulch for your needs

If you’re working on a large landscape construction job, or just want to spruce up your garden, Grand River Natural Stone’s mulch can be used in:

• Garden beds
• Foundation plantings
• Accenting garden walkways or patios

More aggregate solutions from Grand River Natural Stone

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