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Ledgestone Stands the Test of Beauty and Time

Ledgestone has a solid and handsome appearance inspiring unique home and building designs. The stone has been in existence for millions of years making it extremely suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Available in a range of colours and sizes, ledgestone is a versatile building material that enhances appearance and durability of the structure it is used for.

Interior Ledgestone Adds Beauty and Sophistication to Your Home Décor

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Ledgestone is great outside but also has many indoor uses. Fireplace ledgestone is perfect to accentuate your fireplace area. Or perhaps you are looking for an interior ledgestone design for your wet bar or in-wall fish tank. Grand River Natural Stone has a wide variety of ledgestone to suit all your interior needs. Whether you are looking for the smooth appearance of stacked ledgestone or want something jagged and natural looking, our wide brick selection will give your interior design that rugged, natural look you’ve been trying to achieve.

Visit our brick veneer page if you are looking for:

  • Slate ledgestone
  • Veneer ledgestone
  • Stacked ledgestone
  • Cultured ledgestone
  • Interior ledgestone
  • Fireplace ledgestone

Grand River Natural Stone is well known for its extensive selection of ledgestone. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff serves every client with personalized attention and efficiency. Competitive pricing gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy quality and savings. Contact us today for a complimentary quote.

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An Amazing Variety of Ledgestone to Suit Diverse Needs

Ledgestone can be used for a variety of external projects including garden edging. If you want to maintain uniformity with the natural materials you use, incorporate this material into your hardscapes. You can vary the colours for contrast or to complement your design palette outdoors and indoors.

Grand River Natural Stone makes it easier to find your colour scheme and look. From chestnut brown to salmon and beige, we have an extensive selection to match your requirements. Choose a single colour or blend several shades for a more vibrant look.

Talk to our staff about your ideas and needs. They will help you find what you’re looking for. They also have exceptional troubleshooting capabilities and can advise you on viable options for your landsaping requirements.

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