Top Soil

Nutrient Rich Topsoil for Landscape Construction and Renovation

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Topsoil is a vital landscaping material when it comes to your landscaping project. Quality topsoil is essential for promoting and maintaining good health for your garden.

What makes Grand River Natural Stone Topsoil unique?

topsoilNot all dirt is created equal. topsoil from Grand River Natural Stone keeps your garden healthy, vibrant and long-lasting with:

  • High concentration of nutrient-rich organic matter
  • Firm composition which allows your plants to take root easily
  • Soft and porous constitution which prevents excess water from pooling near the roots

Dry topsoil is the best Topsoil

  • Wet topsoil is clumpy and does not allow roots to easily settle within the dirt. As a result, your plants could be loose in the ground and unable to adequately access the water and nutrients they need to grow and thrive.
  • Weed contaminants usually spread through the air. Broadleaf weeds (like dandelions) and grassy weeds (like crab grass) will appear once the topsoil is set down. Your garden plants will be fighting with unsightly weeds for vital water and organics, thus limiting their ability to grow.

Our Topsoil saves time

Taking the time to care for our topsoil for landscape construction and renovation now saves you time later with:

  • No clumps to remove
  • Easy laying and dressing
  • No time spent pulling out annoying weeds

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