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2017 Landscaping Stone Review – The Blogs You Spent the Most Time Reading

The holidays are approaching quickly and we wish the best of the season to your family.

As 2017 comes to a close, we like to look back at the year and revisit the content you liked best.

The real benefits of stone veneer

Stone veneer is in high demand this time of year, and for good reason. It’s the time of year contractors and homeowners install accent walls inside and repair brick spalling outdoors.

Stone VeneerBut why is veneer so popular in these two scenarios?

  • It’s similar in appearance to standard brick.
  • It’s significantly lighter than brick.
  • It’s easy to install for homeowners and contractors.
  • It provides added insulation.
  • It’s a cost saving option that doesn’t compromise on appearance or performance.

If you want value, it’s certainly there.

If you want performance, it’s there too.

Read up on stone veneer here and see if this is your time of year to add an accent wall or repair some crumbling brick.

Hot landscaping trends last spring

We thought these trends would be hot with landscapers last year, and they definitely were.

Will they come back next year?

  • Natural designs, with mulch, stone and water features taking centre stage.
  • Mixing different grass seeds to produce a more resilient lawn.
  • Active lawn spaces for bocce ball or paved spaces for home basketball courts.
  • LED landscape lighting, with bulbs lasting more than a decade.

The trends are all laid out here. How many did you and your customers jump on last year?

6 things to look for when choosing your landscape contractor

Lots of homeowners come to us with the goal to complete a big landscaping project themselves, but sometimes the reality of the work can get in the way of those aspirations.

How to choose a good landscape contractorWe also see a lot of contractors, and we know the best ways for homeowners to find a good one to take up the job they can’t quite complete themselves.

This includes:

  • Looking for professional certifications.
  • Observing their receptiveness to your goals.
  • Talking about project costs.
  • Reviewing the project timeline together.
  • Discussing warranties and guarantees.
  • Going online to find impartial reviews.

It’s worth noting that generally, customers are more prone to taking to the internet to leave negative reviews than positive ones. So a few negative reviews doesn’t necessarily mean your contractor does a bad job. It’s a tricky judgment call you have to make.

Luckily, the online reviews aren’t your only tool.

Take a look at the infographic here and choose your contractor wisely next year.

2017 has been amazing, and we owe that entirely to our customers. You’ve built some amazing projects with landscaping products from Grand River Stone, and we can’t wait to see what you build next year.

When it’s time to complete your next project in 2018, we’ll be ready!

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