What is a Rock Garden?

Front Yard Rock Garden

As the name suggests, rock gardens are gardens that are designed to emphasize the use of different rocks and stones in combination with different plants. Homeowners can use rock gardens to tackle problem areas in their yards or build up flat areas, while others simply want to get more creative with their space and create an eye-catching element.

If you’re wondering whether rocks are good for gardens and how to design a rock garden of your own, this post will provide some information on the benefits and simple tips to help transform your backyard, big or small.

Benefits of a Rock Garden

Beyond being trendy and looking sharp, rock gardens actually have many benefits, including:

  • Ability to Withstand Harsh Conditions. Because rocks are so durable, rock gardens are able to survive under intense sun, wind and drought. This makes rock gardens a great choice for those living in climates with drastic weather changes at different times during a season.
  • Low Maintenance. Arguably one of the greatest advantages of a rock garden is that it is low maintenance. Typically speaking, rock gardens feature plants such as cacti that require little watering. The rocks also eliminate the possibility of erosion, making rock gardens the perfect choice for those that love gardens but don’t love gardening.
  • Changes with the Seasons. Rock gardens are able to adapt to different weather conditions which means they transition well between all seasons. This makes it possible to enjoy your rock garden year-round.
  • Extension of Space. Rock gardens provide the opportunity for a garden without over-filling your yard with plants. This gives the illusion of a larger space and still leaves an adequate area to sit and enjoy your plants.
  • Diverse Styles. Rock gardens look most interesting when they are created with a combination of rocks, small pebbles, boulders and stones. This can create an interesting appearance tailored to your specific style and tastes.

Backyard Rock Garden

How to Design a Rock Garden

Now that you know the benefits a rock garden can bring to your yard, let’s take a look at how to design a rock garden with these simple step-by-step tips.

  • Decide on an area for the rock garden and mark it out.
  • Rid the area of grass and/or weeds.
  • Level the soil. In order to plant, you will need to make sure the soil is level.
  • Lay a stone perimeter. This perimeter will create a clear outline of where the garden boundaries are and the stones will blend in with the rest of the rock garden.
  • Choose the right plants. Do your research to determine which types of plants will do well in a rock garden in your area. Think about a colour scheme when making your final decision. Do you want something that blends with the overall colour palette of your house or something that contrasts with pops of colour?
  • Insert more rocks. Pay attention to where you are using different sizes and types of rocks to give the garden an interesting and dynamic appearance.

Remember, that we offer a variety of landscaping supplies to help you build your garden and we’re always happy to help with your ideas.

Rock gardens are a great way to extend patios, stone steps and driveways to create a universal appearance on your property. Contact us today for more information on how to make your rock garden a truly unique feature of your outdoor space.