Heat Up Your Backyard Décor with Fire Features

Backyard Fire Features

Fire features are the perfect way to add some flare to your backyard décor. They can contribute both light and heat to create a cozy atmosphere that your family and friends will want to spend time in, especially on those perfect summer evenings.
If you’re only picturing a campfire, think again! There are many alternative options to creatively incorporate fire into your outdoor space. Check out some of these ideas below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss your ideas.

Fire Features That Will Brighten Your Space Instantly

Fire Pits

Of course, fire pits are one of the most classic fire features. Fire pits provide the opportunity to light a fire that offers ample heat to those sitting around it, gives you that traditional desired crackle and pop of the firewood, and makes cooking delicious s’mores possible. The best thing about fire pits are that they are relatively easy to build yourself, right into your lawn.

Fire Bowls

Fire Bowl

Fire bowls are very similar to fire pits. They look particularly stunning around a patio sitting area or pool and come in a range of bowl sizes, shapes and colours, which can also include an additional water feature to effectively blend the elements for a truly dynamic feature. You can choose from match lit or electronically controlled with a remote, making turning your fire bowl on and off easy and convenient.

Fire Tables

Fire tables have been designed to combine fun with functionality. They function as a useful table but also have the option of lighting a small fire in the middle of them to emit heat and create a nice ambience for get togethers.


Outdoor fireplaces are an especially popular trend, ranging from majestic intricate fireplaces, or free-standing fireplaces that can be admired from either side and act as a divider, for example between sitting areas or an outdoor kitchen area. Whether you’re going for a more rustic vibe or modern appeal, a fireplace is a traditional feature that never goes out of style.

Fire Walls

Fire walls serve little functional purpose and exist mostly to look nice. They’re built right into an outdoor wall and provide the beauty of burning flames much like a gas fireplace does. If you’re looking to make a statement, a fire wall is certainly an attractive and eye-catching option!
Be sure to check out our gallery for more inspiring fire feature and outdoor living ideas.

We Have The Fire Features You Need

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