4 Creative Ways to Use Ledgestone in Your Interior Renovations

4 creative ways to use ledgestone in your renovations

A ledgestone feature inside your home will never look dated.

Stone features are timeless, even when used in non-traditional ways. Just because your home renovation doesn’t include a facelift for your fireplace doesn’t mean ledgestone features are out of the picture.

This thin veneer cut from real stone can add texture to spaces all over your home.

If you love bringing the outdoors inside to create drama in your living space, think about these 4 creative ways to use ledgestone in your next home renovation.

Stone support columns (or even just 1)

ledgestone columnThe columns in your basement might look decent with crown moulding. Sometimes you want more than decent.

A white painted column can go with any style, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. Ledgestone comes in plenty of colours, so you can match the shade of your stone to the paint on your walls or the other accent pieces you plan to have in the room.

Ledgestone support columns are popular in billiard and games rooms, and basement bars (where you can also face the outward portion of the bar with ledgestone to complete the look).

A complete ledgestone accent wall

ledgestone wallReal estate agents sometimes use high quality faux-stone wallpaper to create accent walls when staging a home – and even that looks great.

A bare wall in an area with high ceilings is perfect for a real ledgestone accent – especially if it gets sun in the evening. The setting sun adds to the rich colours of your ledgestone wall beautifully.

Ledgestone shower surrounds

ledgestone bathroomYour master bathroom should be your sanctuary.

Ledgestone shower surrounds create a comfortable, earthy space to get your day started.

An ideal design could include 2-3 ledgestone walls, a glass wall/door to make the shower part of the overall room’s appearance and a bright LED to highlight the stone texture. A rainfall showerhead is also perfect in this design.

A ledgestone island cover

ledgestone islandMost kitchen islands use bead board or solid wood as an envelope.

But if you choose a granite or quartz countertop, or a butcher block countertop, a ledgestone envelope will complement your style better.

Ledgestone island covers are particularly good in kitchens with rich, dark cabinetry. Some stone colours work with lighter cabinets. It’s all about creating contrast between your high and low elements. With stone, it’s easier to contrast against dark wood colours. But if you find a shade of ledgestone that contrasts with your light cabinetry, go for it!

You can use the stuff just about anywhere, and it’s hard to go overboard with ledgestone features. Look at some of the open spaces in your home and think about how ledgestone could make it warmer and more inviting.

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