5 Reasons Why Natural Mulch is Better Than Rubber Mulch

One’s organic, and the other isn’t. Besides that, what are the other differences between rubber and natural mulch? There’s plenty, actually. As with many things in life, natural is often the way to go. It’s just better for your garden and the environment in general. Here, we’ll dive into the 5 reasons why.

1. Natural Mulch Decomposes

Well, technically, rubber can too. But it takes a very, very long time. Natural mulch will decompose within the year, ensuring your garden gets a steady supply of nutrients during the growing season. Rubber on the other hand, pollutes your soil.

2. Natural Mulch has Nutrients

Piggybacking off our last reason, natural mulch actually nourishes your garden. There is no nutritional benefit of adding rubber to your soil, so why bother? Mulch may as well be multi-purpose and, therefore, provide plants with food while also preserving moisture levels and offering protection.

3. Pollution & Fire Hazards

Heavy metals and various inorganic compounds (including combustible materials) exist in rubber due to the manufacturing processes. Therefore, in addition to not adding any nutrients, rubber also adds pollutants, toxins and fire hazards to your garden, which hurts more than it helps.

4. Natural Mulch Has no Additives

Some organic mulches may have stabilizers and chemical additives, but when you go all-natural, you can rest assured your garden is safe from these.

5. Versatile Uses

Natural mulch can be used in any type of garden. Conversely, rubber mulch is restricted to aesthetic gardens due to its makeup.


View our infographic to read a summary on why natural mulch is a better option than rubber mulch in five important categories.

Natural mulch vs. Rubber Mulch infographic

There you have it. Natural wood mulch is safer, prettier and more versatile than rubber mulch. Having the right mulch can go a long way towards making your garden long-lasting and beautiful too.

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