6 Exciting Exterior Home Designs with Stone and Brick

white house exterior

New exteriors are one of the best ways to radically alter your home’s appearance and value. Whether you have brick and want to add some stone or are thinking of adding both materials to the front of your house, there is a whole world of exciting possibilities to explore in mixing these two materials. If you’re not confident or you’re just looking for some inspiration, explore these six exciting home designs that include stone and brick. 

1. All-White Stone with Red Brick Landscaping 

Combine the classic look of rich red brick with the elegance of all-white exterior stone with this style. Use a textured white brick on the home exterior and add accents in the landscaping and on the exterior itself with red brick that is equally textured. The big contrast in colour and style makes a statement. 

2. Soft Red Brick and Soft Grey Stone 

Is that intensely contrasting style not for you? Then try picking stone and brick that are both medium shades, not too stark or bright. You can combine a softer more subtle mix of red and grey brick with all grey stone. Keep the textures the same, smooth or rough, to limit the contrast there too. Then your eye will just focus on the red and grey contrast. 

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3. Dark Brick with Modern Stone   

Not quite classic, dark almost purple brick is still an older style of brick that harkens back to magnificent country properties. In the modern-day, these properties are more likely to be built with smooth and light-coloured stones. So, if you’re building an extension on such an old brick home, add a light modern stone to up the contrast. Or, combine both materials in a new build to mash up old and new. 

4. Red Brick and Modern Foundations 

Is that beautiful modern stone you like a bit outside of your price range? You can still get a touch of it and buy mostly a cheaper material. Combine a modern mix of red brick with a rough modern stone. Make most of the exterior out of the brick, but add a strip around the foundation out of stone, and potentially make the entryway out of stone too. You’ll see the stone you love every time you use the front door. 

5. Pink Brick and Cream Stone 

We haven’t yet discussed a style with pink brick. This light, playful material is a great pairing for equally light and more heavily textured stone. If you like the idea of pink brick but have thought it’s a bit much on a whole home, adding stone is a great way to dilute the pink and create a more sophisticated look. 

6. Brick with Coping Stone  

Any design with great windows deserves to have coping stone to make it look even better. You can pair just coping stone with brick! 

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