6 Inspiring Landscaping Ideas with Flagstone That Are Easy Enough To Be DIY

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Flagstone is a beautiful natural stone product that is available in several varieties including sandstone, slate, granite, Eramosa, and more. It is a popular hardscaping choice as more homeowners look to create a sophisticated yet organic look in their gardens. It is versatile and produces a high-end look which is easily adapted to many styles whether you prefer classic, contemporary, or ultra-modern.

It is also an easy material to work with, making it ideal for DIY landscapers. Here are seven landscaping ideas with flagstone easy enough for your next DIY project.

1. Sophisticated Flagstone Patios

As mentioned, the beauty of flagstone is that you can create any number of looks to suit your sense of style including:

  • It can be cut into precise squares to create a grid pattern
  • Rough cuts can be applied to craft organic pavers
  • They are slip-resistant making them ideal for your outdoor living space.

2. Draw People In with Walkways

Show people the way to your garden features whether it is the pool, a guest house, a place to sit or your DIY flagstone firepit. Walkways help break up large lawns, and also make it easier for people to make their way to the special places in your backyard. Flagstone paths are also relatively low maintenance and can be combined with:

  • The addition of ground cover plants or grass
  • Other materials such as pebbles, quartz, or even crushed brick
  • Simple flagstone & gravel pathways

3. Add Pattern and Texture with Flagstone Stepping-Stones

Stepping stones are an excellent way to stretch your material budget as you create paths and walkways carefully placed amongst your lawn or in combination with materials such as pea stone. It is a more rustic look, but can also be designed as:

  • An ultra-modern feature combined with edgy lighting and stark tall perennial grasses
  • A little more whimsical path with pretty low growing herbs, or edging with colourful flowers

4. Detail for Flower Beds

Repurpose flagstone placing it vertically and buried in the soil to create a rustic, yet sophisticated flagstone landscape edging for your garden beds. This is an excellent choice along pathways of gravel or pea stone, as it creates more texture. It is an eclectic look building off nature’s aesthetics while also creating contrast when using different materials such as:

  • Various stones such as pea stone, crushed brick or river stone
  • Plantings along the edges of the flagstone such as ground cover
  • More flagstone either to match your edging or to add contrast
  • Wood chips

Interested in an easy DIY project for your backyard? Try adding some flagstone to get that natural look. To learn more about flagstones, contact our team at Grand River Natural Stone today.

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5. Enhance Water Features

Flagstone is a next-level border for water features as it is the ideal deflector for moisture. Because it is a naturally occurring material flagstone absorbs water helping to control runoff, while creating clean edges cut to suit your needs. Some uses include:

  • Ponds
  • Flagstone waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Flagstone pools

6. Pool Decks

Instead of going with boring concrete, flagstone is the ideal choice for pool decks. Second only to its elegance, flagstone is naturally slip-resistant making it a safe choice for your poolside deck.

Working on your landscaping project and need quality materials? Look no further. At Grand River Natural Stone, we only provide top-quality materials for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our flagstones and other materials you may need for your DIY projects!