Different Types of Landscaping Rockery for Your Garden

Different Types of Landscaping Rockery for Your Garden

The world is full of vibrant, unique and natural rocks. Discover how you can have them all in your garden with landscape rockery.

Exploring Different Types of River Rock for Landscaping Your Garden

Landscaping rocks can play many roles in your garden, from river beds and garden borders to pond edging and rock gardens. Depending on the unique garden atmosphere you are trying to cultivate, some rocks you may never have considered might just be the perfect complement to your space.

Check out some of the different options available with photos below to see which types stand out to you.

Landscaping Rockery Options

Looking for some alternative rocks to showcase in your garden but not sure which types of rocks would look best? Here we’ll take a closer look at some interesting rocks from all over the world that can truly diversify the look of your garden. Give our team at Grand River Natural Stone a call today to learn more.

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Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mexican Beach Pebbles for Landscaping Rockery

These small stones are from Mexico and look stunning just about anywhere. Mexican Beach Pebbles are perfect for the bottom of your garden river bed, or in a decorative rock garden itself. Each stone is smooth and round. Together they create a soft gray look for your riverbed.


Mossy Rock

Mossy Rock for Landscaping Rockery

These limestone boulders come in many sizes and are home to a vibrant green moss. Together, the rough stone and plush moss make any garden space look more natural and older. Mature gardens are a luxury and when you add some of these mossy rocks you’ll see why.


Petrified Wood

Different Types of Landscaping Rockery for Gardens


Petrified wood is a naturally unique rock that is actually fossilized organic matter. It maintains the interesting texture from the original wood, plus its life as a rock has given it even more texture and color. You can find a wide variety of petrified wood including rustic reds and dark black pieces.


Granite Boulders

Granite Boulders for Landscaping Rockery


Granite in your garden serves a different role than the granite in your kitchen. It lasts longer and looks rougher than counter-top granite. These large granite boulders will look right at home in natural, wild garden spaces and at the edge of ponds.


Turquoise Boulders

Turquoise Boulders for Landscaping Rockery


Have you ever seen stones in a more surprising shade? Turquoise boulders bring something special to your garden, especially if you’re trying to create a tropical or Asian-inspired look. The light green reminds us of sophisticated jade and it will look just a luxurious in your yard.


Lace Rock

Lace Rock


Lace rock has many small holes, like its namesake. You may have seen this natural volcanic rock in a pet store. This is a dynamic choice of rock to place in your pond or large specimens of lace rock can make a standout centerpiece in your rock garden.


Natural Rockery from Grand River Natural Stone

Didn’t see the exact rockery your garden needs? Grand River Natural Stone carries a huge range of rock options and our thoughtful staff would love to help you choose the right one for your green space. Contact us to learn more about natural garden rocks.