Do It Yourself! Why Most DIY Homeowners Choose Brick Veneer

How Your DIY Family Can Get that Classic Brick Look

If there’s one type of project most do it yourself homeowners can’t take on, it’s brick. Bricklaying is a special skill and even if you completed multiple home renovations over the years, you probably never did it yourself.

No big deal. You can still get the brick look you want at home without hiring a contractor.

DIY junkies choose real or faux brick veneer because:

  1. The look is indistinguishable from full depth brick when installed.
  2. It’s lightweight, so projects rarely require any reinforcing.
  3. It’s easy to install, with multiple installation options.

Find the right brick veneer product with the best installation option for your family today and give your home the look you want this weekend.

Installed brick veneer looks just like full depth brick

When the job is done, nobody will see the difference.

Faux Brick VeneerNatural brick veneer is natural brick.

Faux brick and faux stone veneers aren’t the flimsy, obvious reproductions they once were. If you walked by a faux installation in a friend’s house, you wouldn’t even know.

Even when you put your hands on a real or faux veneer, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

Lightweight veneer doesn’t need any sort of structural reinforcement

Brick or stone veneer is a lightweight product (relatively speaking). Lifting and installing generally isn’t a problem, unless you want your infant children in on the job.

The craftsmanship and longevity of traditional brick masonry construction will always have an appeal, but there are lots of times when full depth just isn’t an option. If you want to get the look and charm of interior brick walls without the hassle of reinforcing the floors, rebuilding the walls, and losing space, brick veneer is the solution. If you want to remove that vinyl siding, brick veneer is the solution.

Brick veneer is easy to install, with multiple options

Brick veneer comes in a range of installation options, including:stone veneer panels

  • Panels.
  • Screw-on.
  • Individual stones.

Brick veneer panels are pretty self-explanatory. Brick or faux brick sections of wall come preassembled, and the homeowner sticks them to the wall in interlocking poster-paper sized sections.

Some stone veneer comes in screw-on pieces, where individual stones are attached to brackets, which you screw directly to the wall. No mortar required.

Of course, you can also get individual veneer stones to attach with mortar, one at a time. This is the most work-heavy installation method.

Review the main benefits

Brick veneer looks and performs like the real thing.

It’s lightweight and doesn’t require any special reinforcing or substantial muscles to install.

It’s easy to install and you can choose the best option for your skills.

Value you can’t ignore

Brick veneer is a superb choice for a rich appearance and some easy DIY installation.

Get the same products the pros use, but install it yourself over the weekend.

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