DIY Pond Construction

With people purchasing photographs and paintings of beautiful water landscapes to hang on the walls of their home, or even buying CDs and apps on their mobile devices that play the natural ambiance that running water provides, why not have the real thing right in your own yard?  Constructing a pond on your own property is within your capability more than you may think.

Make your yard the one everyone else talks about—something you can be proud of.  But first let’s take a minute to go over some quick decisions that need to be made before you start your journey into becoming a pond owner:

Site selection

A do-it-yourself pond will turn your backyard into an oasis getaway

Choosing the location to construct your pond is key to an attractive, healthy, low maintenance piece of beautiful landscape.  Since we tend to spend more time indoors than out, it would make sense to put your pond where it can be enjoyed through your windows as well.

Your pond should be built on level ground in an area that receives a fair amount of sun.  Having it where you have easy access to water and electricity can be quite helpful as well.  Putting your pond under trees where it will catch leaves or pine needles throughout the year will call for the endless chore of cleaning out the pond.  Also, do not construct your pond in low spots within your yard.  This can cause potential flooding during heavy rain.

Once you’ve picked your location, Grand River Natural Stone offers a wide variety of stones you can use to border, build or enhance the look of your pond:

Fish or no fish

Add some koi to your backyard pond

Some people like to enhance their pond experience with different types of goldfish and Koi.  The maintenance of your pond will, of course, be a bit more with the caring of your fish, by keeping the water relatively balanced as well as different diets for the fish; however, the anesthetic may be worth it. Before purchasing fish for your pond contemplate on whether or not you are willing to take the extra time to add this lively feature.

Sizing a liner

There are three types of liners to choose from when building your pond

  • Pre-formed
  • Concrete
  • Flexible

Normally concrete stone is not used due to it not being as economically feasible, as well as issues with eventual cracking.  Pre-formed ponds are generally for ponds sized 50 to 200 gallons.  They are easy to drop in, but ensuring that the pond is stable and balanced takes a bit more time than a flexible liner.

Also, you are limited in shapes and cannot customize your pond to your liking.  Flexible liners offer the most options in terms of the size and shape of your pond.  They are very durable, easy to install and conform to any shape hole.

You can DIY and we can help

Regardless of the location, size, or liner you choose to use, Grand River Natural Stone carries ideal landscaping enhancements to make your yard that paradise on earth you’ve always wanted.

Contact us and let’s get you started on your dream yard today.

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