How Water Features Can Enhance Your Backyard

Water feature in a backyard

Water features are a great way to add a beautiful and interesting flare to your backyard or garden. While a pond is one of the most popular ways to transform your space, there are plenty of other ideas for incorporating water features and creating a tranquil, stunning area your whole family will love to spend time relaxing in.

Adding a water feature to your backyard or garden can be as simple as a well place bird bath, or a more intricate water fall of stones, a winding path beside a pond or interlocking pavers extending your patio beside a water wall. Take a look at some of the ideas here and see if any spark your imagination for a project this summer.

Key Water Feature Ideas to Consider

Here are some key water features to think about including in your current garden or landscape:

A Picturesque Pond

Placing a pond near your patio creates a space for reflection and tranquility. Ponds also offer a safe habitat for wildlife, help conserve water and increase the value of your property. Just imagine sitting out on your patio with a friend or by yourself with a cup of tea and a good book while being able to look out to a picturesque pond.

Peaceful Waterfalls

Creating a free-flowing waterfall that works with your current landscape is a beautiful and calming addition to any pond or standalone area that you want to enhance. Use the sloping or unique layout of your land and the right types of stones to your advantage to build a stunning waterfall water feature that looks as if it was naturally carved by the elements.

Beautiful Water Walls or Fountains

Water walls and fountains add both a water feature and an artistic feature to your backyard patio space. They are mesmerizing to look at, help to minimize stress, and add the peaceful sound of running water to help you truly unwind. You can even think about adding a colour changing light to make the feature truly pop at night.

A Place for the Birds

Bird baths are an affordable water feature to add to your backyard or patio. Offered in multiple sizes, they can fit in anywhere. While enjoying the intricate design of the bird bath, you can also enjoy visits from local birds who stop by for a dip or quick drink.

Bubbling Rocks

A bubbling rock water feature looks great just about anywhere you want to place it. Whether by the pool or pond, or closer to your patio area, a bubbling rock water feature pushes water up through an opening in the top of the formation to trickle down the sides. Ideally, for this you’ll need a rock feature with additional stones around it, and a liner to catch the water. We have a great tutorial if you’re interested in creating your own bubbling rock water feature.

Stepping Stone Pathway

Stepping stone pathways are a good way to connect different parts of your backyard and bring them together. Use an intricate design to create a pathway that draws attention while getting you from point a to point b. Try placing water features such as a bird bath or water wall along the pathway, or use stepping stones in a small pond with a waterfall.

Stepping stone walkway

Find Your Inspiration at Grand River

We love helping our customers add these stunning elements to their backyards and have all the materials you need to get started. Remember to check out our gallery for more inspiration!

Water features can help turn your backyard into a true oasis by adding beauty, tranquility and character to your space. Have questions about adding a water feature or not sure where to begin? Contact us today, we’d love to help make your vision a reality.