Paver Installation Tools for Interlocking Projects

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From hand tools to suction equipment, which paver installation tools do you need to get the job done right? Find out from Grand River Natural Stone.

Choosing the Right Tools for Interlocking Projects

In order to complete your interlocking project, you’ll need a variety of paver installation tools. These may include tools for lifting paving slabs, brick paver cutting tools, and other materials for laying pavers. With the right equipment, your driveway, retaining wall, or other interlocking project will look uniform and will stand the test of time.

Necessary Hand Tools

You’ll need several hand tools to complete an interlocking paver installation job, including:

  • Shovels to excavate your job site and move sand
  • Screed rails and bar to level your setting bed
  • Rake and broom to move gravel & sand
  • Hand level to ensure your sand and pavers are level
  • Stakes and string to mark out your pattern

Compaction Equipment

You’ll use a vibratory plate compactor to compact your base material to create a solid foundation for your pavers.  After you’ve laid the paver, you’ll need to run the compactor over the pavers once again to set them in the setting bed and help vibrate the joint sand down the depth of the paver.

Paver Installation Tools for Interlocking Projects

Saws and Cutting Equipment

You’ll also need tools for laying patio slabs that can cut through your stone to enable you to finish your design and meld the interlocking with other nearby surfaces, such as staircases. You can use a hand held quick cut saw, or a table wet saw, but make sure you use a diamond blade which will help cut the pavers more efficiently.  The latest saws and cutting tools have dust control measures that can reduce your clean up.

Suction/Lifting Equipment

You won’t be able to lift larger slabs on your own, at least not without hurting yourself. To safely and quickly carry large stones you can buy or rent suction lifting equipment, as well as wall and step clamps which help you place the slabs precisely.

One of the best tools for this job is a non-powered clamp that two workers can hold onto, allowing them to place the heavy paver together, minimizing the weight each person carries.

Specialized Hardscape Tools

There are other specialized tools required to complete an interlocking paver installation job quickly and properly. This includes a specialized marking tool that allows you to mark straight lines across one or more pavers, so you can cut them or place a second row above them.

You should also invest in long, thin rakes that allow you to screen your sand and level it at the same time. These tools make grading large areas much simpler and faster.

Professional Paver Installation Tools from Grand River Natural Stone

Renting or buying the equipment you need to complete your interlocking job can be an expensive hassle. It’s simpler and, often cheaper, to allow the professionals to handle your interlocking project instead.

At Grand River Natural Stone, we have the professional paver installation tools you need to safely install even the largest stone slabs you want. Reach out to us today.