Proper Base Materials for Patios and Driveways

Before you lay down interlocking stones, you need a solid base

If your long weekend landscape upgrade plans include laying a new driveway or installing new patio stones, it’s important to remember that, like most renovation jobs, preparation is everything.

Though the interlock pavers or concrete bricks are the crowning glory, they can’t do the job alone.

You need to build a solid foundation, as the base materials you choose need to provide enough support to prevent settling over time and allow for proper drainage. Once the project’s excavation is complete, the next two steps are:

  • Intalling the base, which supports and keeps the top surface level, and
  • Installing the setting bed, which aids in final leveling

How much base materials will you need

When it comes to materials, a minimum of 8-12 inches of a well-compacted base and a one-inch sand setting bed are standard, but how much you need will be determined by the soil condition of your property.

Here are some choices and what to keep in mind when making a selection for your project:

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand makes a great base material
  • Concrete sand, typically composed of limestone, granite or trap rock, can be used as a base layer and leveling medium for projects using concrete paving stones. The coarse grain of concrete sand allows it to drain without clumping, and levels very easily.

High Performance Bedding

High-performance bedding is a versatile base material
  • HPB (High Performance Bedding) is the name given to a material which is pea-sized, angular washed limestone. It provides excellent drainage and requires less effort to compact. It is one of the more favoured bedding choices because it packs well and holds up fantastically.

You can also use…

Why it’s important to use the proper base materials

A properly prepared, well-compacted base to your patio stones or driveway will save you money in the long run, via lower maintenance and repair costs.

When you take the time to create a solid base, you’ll have a smooth paved surface that will withstand years of use and resist cracking due to freezing and/or thawing.

An added bonus is the beauty and character you’ll bring to your home.

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