What is the Difference Between Brick and Brick Veneer?

Difference Between Brick and Brick Veneer

A common question that we hear all the time is: “What is the difference between brick and brick veneer?” Brick (also known as full bed veneer) and thin brick veneer often look identical. However, there are key differences.

Mainly, thin veneer products are not real stone or brick. Instead, they are often cement-based and shaped in moulds made from real stone and brick. This makes them affordable, and just as beautiful as the real thing. However, this also makes them thinner, less durable, and more prone to moisture absorption.

Brick veneer is all about wedding aesthetic to functionality. Whether you want rustic stone, traditional red brick, or smooth modern brick, brick veneer is lighter, easier to install and more affordable than full bed veneer brick.

Styles of Thin Stone Veneer

You may be surprised at the style options available when you choose thin brick or stone veneer. Forget the thin plastic sheet you may have seen in the past. Grand River Natural Stone’s veneer is real stone, that looks and feels just as you’d expect.

Style options include:

  • Fieldstone: Rounded, uniquely shaped fieldstones give outdoor monuments, landscaping, and home exteriors a rustic feel.
  • Classic brick: The red, uniform brick look has been a staple for years for a reason. This veneer is especially popular in interior restoration projects because it doesn’t take up much space.
  • Large strips: You can achieve a very modern, or even minimalist look with brick veneer. Our large strips come in neutral colours and create dramatic shadows.
What is the Difference Between Brick and Brick Veneer?
Styles of Thin Stone Veneer
Styles of Thin Stone Veneer

The Advantages of Brick Veneer Over Brick

The style options aren’t the only reason to choose brick veneer over brick. Brick veneer is lighter, thinner and less time-consuming to install than real brick, (though it still requires expert installation), which means it has lower costs.

Once the brick veneer is installed, you may also notice that it takes up a lot less room in your space than full bed brick veneer would have.

Brick veneer is a great choice to keep your living space large, especially in older historic houses that are much smaller, to begin with. You can get the look of an original historic home but get a bit more space with brick veneer.

If you’re curious about the looks you can achieve with brick veneer, take a peek at our brick veneer catalogue. You’re sure to find a style that’s right for your home or project, and you’ll be saving money and space by choosing brick veneer over brick. Contact us today to get your project started.