All About Permeable Pavements | This Stuff is Amazing!

Permeable pavements provide a solid ground surface that’s strong enough to take heavy loads like cars and trucks and porous enough to allow water to reach the soil underneath. A wide variety of permeable or pervious pavements are available, including bricks, interlocking pavers, pervious concrete, gravel, and more. These are becoming more and more popular. There are usually four layers to permeable paving. They act as a filtration system to clean storm water. The top layer is the actual paving material; followed by two inches of High Performance Bedding (1/4″ chip); the third layer is a 4″ bed of 3/4″ Clear Crushed (or Drainage) Stone; and the bottom layer is a 2-3″ layer of Crushed Angular Stone. Here are some of the benefits of permeable pavers.

Environmentally Friendly

paving stoneIn developed areas that have lots of standard pavement, storm water runoff increases, which increases the pollutants in rivers, lakes, and streams. This could cause flooding if sewer systems are overwhelmed with heavy rainfall. With permeable pavements, rainwater goes back to the soils instead of becoming runoff, and it is cleaned naturally as it filters through the ground. This replenishes groundwater and protects the quality of water in homes and for irrigation. It also reduces erosion in riverbanks and streambeds. Since water can reach the soil, permeable surfaces are cooler than asphalt or concrete, which heat up in the sun. This improves the health of local vegetation and air quality. Light coloured surfaces also reflect sunlight to reduce the local temperature even more. Without permeable pavements, warm runoff could cause ecological damage to waterways that are naturally cooler. If enough people and businesses switch to this newer technology, cities may not even need underground sewer pipes and other drainage systems anymore.


natural stone designsUnlike concrete or asphalt, permeable surfaces come in a wide variety of colours, materials, and styles to match with any landscape. You can design fascinating patterns for paved areas using different pavers, bricks, or stones.

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