Types of Steel Beams & Other Steel Products

Steel Beam Buying

Contractors, builders and homeowners will need steel beams and other reinforcing products to complete their projects. So, what are steel beams used for, specifically? When adding a shed, building an addition, or even constructing a custom home from the ground up, you may need steel beams to provide structure and support. Steel beam installation may actually be one of the most important steps of many home improvement projects.  

Here is our guide to the types of steel beams and other steel products you may need for your home building project. 

WF Beam   

The WF beam is the most commonly used beam in residential construction. This is the beam you are probably looking for to complete your smaller construction projects. The “WF” stands for “wide flange”. It has a lighter weight while spanning wider and is easy to weld, rivet and bolt. Where space is at a premium and the project and weights on the beam are small, WF beams are often the best choice. 

Channel Beam 

Channel beams are another great option for smaller residential projects. They are also known as C-shaped beams due to their cross-section, which earns them the name. They are great for supporting smaller loads and can also cover pillars and panels. In addition, you can find channel beams in many small outdoor projects, like sheds. 

Rebar or Reinforcing Rod 

Rebar, short for reinforcing bar, is a steel reinforcing rod designed to be inserted into concrete. These steel bars reinforce the concrete under tension. Often, the surface of these bars is textured or ribbed to enhance the bond between concrete and steel. Necessary in foundations, rebar will provide your home structures with the support they need.  

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Steel Posts & Tubes  

Steel posts and tubes are cold-pressed hollow structural steel, making them a lighter option for smaller structures. In most cases, steel posts and tubes are used in welded steel frames,  basement floor jacks, fences, and custom steel construction projects. Steel posts are round and tubes are square in shape. 

Angle Iron 

Angle iron is a type of steel bar with two faces that meet at a 90-degree angle (i.e. they have an L-shaped cross-section). Due to its shape, angle iron is extremely strong and resistant to bending. Therefore, angle iron is best used in scenarios when it needs to bear a large load, such as framing, shelving, masonry projects and more.  

Professional Support for Your Project 

Contractors and homeowners may not have the time to handle every aspect of their steel beam purchase, but there’s no need to worry when you consult with an expert. The professionals at Grand River Natural Stone offer services that can help you keep your project on schedule, including: 

  • Jobsite delivery 
  • Beam placement 
  • Site placement with a crane 
  • Onsite welding 
  • Custom fabrication 
  • Custom rebar bending 
  • Steel shop drawings 

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