What to do with an Old Brick Feature Wall

What to do with an Old Brick Feature Wall

You may be wondering what to do with your old red brick feature wall. Exposed brick is becoming an increasingly popular interior décor trend. The historical background of the brick combined with modern design ideas provides the chance to try several neat décor opportunities. 

If it is Already Exposed 

If you live in a home where an exposed brick wall already exists, you are in luck! You can take advantage of this feature without having to get messy. Here are some décor ideas for accenting your old red brick feature wall:

Create Contrast

One of the most effective ways to highlight your brick feature wall is by choosing colours and textures for the rest of the décor that will create a sharp contrast. For example, if your brick wall is dark red and rough, try a smoother white stone on the walls that meet with it.

What to do with an Old Brick Feature Wall

Wash or Paint It

Have you become tired of the red brick? A fairly simple and cost-effective way to change it is to paint it. A fresh coat that changes the colour of your brick wall will give your home the facelift you have been looking for and create new stylistic décor opportunities.

Frame a Section

Is your brick wall a bit too much? If you feel like your brick wall is too large and overpowering, consider framing an area of it in. This provides the opportunity to keep some of the brick but still feature a small portion of it.

What to do with an Old Brick Feature Wall


Brick walls are a great place to hang shelving and shadow boxes. You will be able to display and store your items while enjoying the brick background behind them.


Like any wall, brick walls are an ideal spot to hang your favourite art. Choose pieces that will stand out against the brick or highlight historical undertones. You can play around with multiple pieces of art and different sizes to get the perfect amount of exposed brick for your taste!  

What to do with old brick feature walls

If You Still Need to Expose it

The alternative to living in a house with an exposed brick wall is living in a house where you are able to expose brick that has been previously covered up. If you intend to expose a brick wall (which are the building blocks of your home) it is very important that you take proper precautions.

Pick a Wall

Think about your home and take some serious time to consider where you would most enjoy an exposed brick wall. Consider what type of room it is. A bathroom, a living room, and a bedroom may all need a different size and placement of brick wall. Think about what type of décor you envision so that you choose the right size.

Unfortunately, there is no sure way of telling what the exposed brick wall is going to look like until you are done. You may end up with a polished, clean look or you may end up with a very rustic feel.

Unless that is, you want to install thin brick veneer instead of taking a chance on whatever kind of brick is in your walls. That way, you can choose the colour, texture and style.


To begin, a small hole must be drilled into the wall to confirm that there is in fact brick there. After you have determined this, reveal a small test area where you can examine the quality of your bricks. If you are happy with the appearance, you can move forward.

Safety First

As you begin to uncover the wall you will need to protect yourself with gloves, masks and other protective clothing. Cover the floor and furniture to avoid excessive amounts of dust landing on them and minimize clean up afterwards.

Covering floor and furniture

Patience is a Virtue

The most important thing about exposing a brick wall is to make sure that you are patient. It takes time and you do not want to rush. You are uncovering the history and want to make sure you do so gently.

Clean the Bricks

After you are finished exposing, brush off as much dust as possible and use an appropriate mixture to deep clean the bricks. Now, get ready to decide what you want to do with your old brick feature wall, so you can enhance your interior décor.

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